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SynaptaCode's training team of instructional systems designers, technical writers, graphic designers, and subject-matter experts can develop the training products your company needs to be successful. Better training =  safer and more effective employees and a more profitable business.


Synaptacode's Stimulator System (SSS) was designed and developed to interface disparate data communications systems into a manageable network-enabled solution. The PC-based system supports multiple clients and is a cost-effective method of interfacing existing legacy communications data terminals into a network environment in the office or field.




SynaptaCode has a highly skilled team of IT and cyber professionals prepared to provide comprehensive IT and cyber support. Certified and trained in military and commercial cybersecurity methods and solution enables us to implement the appropriate solution for your needs!


Is your software holding you back?  SynaptaCode has a unique technique of analyzing legacy or “old” software and modernizing it to enable migration to new Operating Systems, Environments, or even software languages.  Let SynapataCode help guide you out of the past into the future by modernizing your software into a sustainable form.

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