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How do you train employees on sophisticated

equipment without costly maintenance and updates?

Updates to the training hardware meant physical updates to the training module - a multimillion-dollar upgrade for this client.


Our Solution: SynaptaCode developed a virtual trainer which saved over $10 million in hardware costs alone.

Virtual Training

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As technology changes, so does the risk for cybercrime. How do you reduce vulnerabilities and eliminate cyber-threats?


With every keystroke companies become vulnerable to cyber attacks such as brute force attacks, social engineering, cyber fraud, phishing attacks, malware, spyware, ransomware and corporate security breaches. Our client needed more than software. They needed experts who could monitor and identify threats early. 

Our Solution: Stop attacks before they happen. SynaptaCode's experts have experience protecting systems from high-level national threats to individual internal threats found in commercial businesses.

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Custom Hardware

Need to reduce real-time verification processes from days to hours?

Certification specifications required our client to hand test more than 10,000 messages - a process that would require nearly 500 personnel hours to achieve certification.


Our Solution: SynaptaCode wrote software to test the accuracy of the equipment, provide comparative logs noted with exceptions or failures. The process significantly reduced testing time and cost.

circuit breaker panel repair

Is your software holding you back?


SynaptaCode has a unique technique of analyzing legacy or “old” software and modernizing it to enable migration to new Operating Systems, Environments, or even software languages.  Let SynapataCode help guide you out of the past into the future by modernizing your software into a sustainable form!

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