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10,000 messages and 480 Hours


That is how long it would have taken our client to manually test new communication hardware for accuracy. Personnel had to create the original message, transmit it through the new equipment and compare the original with what was received. Inconsistencies were recorded by hand. This had to be repeated with 10,000 messages to ensure efficacy, a process that would require about 480 personnel hours.


SynaptaCode wrote software to test the accuracy of the equipment, provide comparative logs noted with exceptions or failures. The solution replaced tedious manual processes and reduced regression testing time from 12 weeks to two weeks, saving more than 400 personnel hours.


The equipment


The SynaptaCode Stimulator System (SSS) is a PC-based system that supports multiple clients and is a cost-effective method of interfacing existing input communications data into a network environment to illicit the correct outputs. The SSS can interface with 16 discrete inputs to facilitate the recreation of an actual operations environment within a virtual setting. 


The SSS server/client architecture can provide several options for connecting multiple client inputs to a single messaging server, single client workstation to multiple messaging servers, or multiple client workstations to multiple messaging servers. This flexibility allows your systems to expand or contract without the need for costly software or hardware modifications.


SSS is also useful in operational training lab applications as an economic stimulation device for multiple data circuits using an embedded scripting capability. The embedded scripting capability allows for the playback of specific content at specific times or a specific volume of traffic over a period of time. The user can pause, stop, rewind, or skip using the simple scripting tools to assist in training or testing needs.


The SSS is accredited for Top Secret and was granted an Authority to Operate (ATO) and Type Accreditation in April of 2013. T-RECS is registered in both the DoD IT Portfolio Repository DON (DITPR-DON ID 22929) and the Department of the Navy Application and Database Management Systems (DADMS ID 85390). The Navy issued Full Readiness Certified Board (FRCB) approval for T-RECS installation at three communications centers in May of 2013.


SSS also supports High Level Architecture IAW IEEE1516-2010 and can be installed on any Windows-based platform.


SSS messaging server comes in 2 different models; Standard and Mobile.

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