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Are you safe from a cyber attack?


SynaptaCode has experience creating secure software, environments and hardware to protect our nation’s secrets at the highest level. We also have experience balancing cyber risks with IT flexibility and budget for small to mid-sized business. 

Our client, like many small businesses, had an evolving IT footprint. The company started out with just a couple of computers working on a “home-style” network.  As the business grew, the need for robustness and security increased as well. SynaptaCode implemented a secure Virtual Private Network for remote locations, installed monitoring software, implemented group policies, and replaced home-use products with commercial products to secure the environment and provide the throughput needed by the client.  While these items may seem like basic components of a commercial network to an IT professional they can be daunting to a company without that expertise.


SynaptaCode continues to support the client by providing software and hardware updates, as well as monitoring cyber threats.

SynaptaCode creates a custom cybersecurity plan that balances, the client's needs, risk level and budget. 


We create the plan using the six-step approach.


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