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SynaptaCode utilizes an agile approach to software development and project management. Our agile methodology focuses on creating small workable steps. Smaller more manageable steps allow our teams to more closely follow a project through its entire life-cycle. This ensures a quality product at an accelerated rate.


From the initial project kickoff our process is designed to create a higher quality product through a customer focused development cycle that allows us to begin development earlier.

From start to end,

the customer is involved.

SyntapaCode employs a Continuous Delivery (CD) approach to software development. Utilizing CD allows our customers to play an integral part in the development of their project. We want to ensure the software presentation and interaction is not only functional, but also intuitive for the end user. We achieve all this by ensuring our code is always in a deployable state and delivered to the customer at the end of every sprint.

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Our team of system engineers is proficient in decomposing system requirements, functions and attributes.

System engineers

decompose system requirements, functions and attributes.

Our unique Agile environment allows software development to begin much earlier and enables the customer to make continuous adjustments.

Software developers begin developing User Stories.

Code is compiled every night.

Since our code is compiled each night, developers create operating code. All code is peer reviewed and tested by an independent team member.

At the end of each two-week sprint, we present to the customer for their approval and comment.


Customer involvement and stress on quality, operating code reduces bugs and defects.

Every 2 weeks,  the code is presented to the customer for review. 

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