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Upgrading software on ancient hardware


One of SynaptaCode’s clients needed to upgrade the cybersecurity controls within their systems Operating System (OS) software. Unfortunately, the hardware they were operating was over 10 years old and would not support a modern OS.  To resolve this challenge, SynaptaCode researched and selected a modern rack mounted computer which would be the same form factor as the original, but with modern processing power enabling the utilization of a modern OS.


The client also had original Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) interface software which was no longer supported and needed to be re-ported to a new application.  SynaptaCode’s developers and system engineers successfully performed a forensic analysis to determine the control logic and program in a new language and application the information needed to keep the system operating in a now “secure” environment.   


By updating the PLC interface computer and software, SynaptaCode mitigated the cost of a complete system recapitalization while at the same time improving the cybersecurity posture of the system and they accomplished without any system downtime.


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