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SynaptaCode's training team of instructional systems designers, technical writers, graphic designers, and subject-matter experts can develop the training products your company needs to be successful. Better training =  safer and more effective employees and a more profitable business.

How do you train employees on sophisticated equipment without costly maintenance and updates?


Our client was training aircraft communication experts on extremely expensive hardware training devices that used aircraft parts. Changes to the aircraft system meant installing new hardware in the training devices- an upgrade that would cost up to $10 million each component replacement. 


SynaptaCode built software that exactly replicated the functionality and operation of the control panels of the aircraft without impacting operational training --and for a fraction of the cost.


  • Hardware issues impact operational training


  • Limited training time


  • Hardware requires maintenance and updates


  • Requires trainers and maintenance personnel

  • Limited to a physical location

  • Travel costs and time out of office



  • Hardware not necessary

  • Student can train numerous times until proficient


  • More interactive with the student

  • Instant performance feedback


  • Mobile access -  can be used on a TV, iPad, in the field, on the cloud or wherever you need it


  • Reduces travel and per firm costs associated with training

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